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Leave the wretches in their holes
Leave them out there all alone
Fear no evil, now you're free
Be all that you want to be
See the possibility
See all that you want to see
If you want to
Go to the depths of disgrace baby
Leave behind the human race baby
If you really, really want to know
Hear me whisper
Brand New Messiah
Brand New Messiah
Brand New Messiah
Brand New Messiah
Leave the witches in their sins
They're the ones that cannot win
See the light and taste the truth
Witches bear complacent fruit
Undercover, underground
They can never hear the sound
Of sweet victory
(Repeat CHORUS)
Come with me to the last frontier
Under blue sky, over here
Run from Shadow come to Light
Son of Pain be free tonight
Ever chase your holy grail
Devil may care, he's for sale
Always calling
(Repeat CHORUS)

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