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satellite guardians of tiamat
it controls the rhythm of the earth
geomagnetic storms

rising of the waters

tensions in the chambers of the sky
that controls human brains
from the deepest space it takes force
and spreads the light of the father

now i see

violet shades of kingu
the unkown phenomenon sets his domain
violet shades of kingu
silent guardian since the dawn of all times
violet shades of kingu
universal judge and opposer of doom
violet shades of kingu
let her embrace the glory of the earth

gather light to protect the mother
violet shades of kingu

immovable sentinel
always aware
constantly floating in the void around the earth
old as time
itself its old
relentless it sings his chant

come mother come
obscure the sun with the snap of your jaws
day by day
since the rise of all life

spread your light in the emptiness of space
call forth the tides to restore
and awake every form of life
waiting for your call

may every piece of creation be under this spell
a flood of magic streams around the earth
to let the glorious astral shape reclaim
a blissful coexistence between protection and

as the night descends
an hypnotizing dance
manifests its elder course
through centuries of everlasting glory
it will still guard

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