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The distance between us is becoming too long
so earthlings again are trying to self-destruct
what that was a blessing is now regained and shall return to those who gave it
their fate is starting to crumble
enslavers of brains, are starting their work again
degenerating and rotting, the convictions of men
a spectre of rules to folow to grant you a joyful death
i´ve seen their light
the human rebellion
cast upon human reign curse!
To preservy their apes
until their return to
their glory
now our days are going to end
our epitath is defined
on this planet we´re left to die
our pale skin, now combust
we´re walking within fire and flames
our souls, cauterized
now you´re embracing your own blame
seek for the return to dust
an imperfect creation
just not too much to save
this failed experiment
is the doom of the earth
trashed away the struggle of fathers
to keep us save
from the void
their light, is blinding
a divine rapture awaits
the rays, are rising
guit us to the shur.gar.ra
the hight priest of the twelve is calling forth to take us home
leave behind this rot planet and reborn in the celestial home
a desert planet is returning the homeland of the infidels
restarting from the beggining our destiny is sealed

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