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Cry of the Wounded - text


The cry of the wounded...

Spending life in darkness, on the worldly wicked path
Death will surely follow, as your controlled by hate and wrath

Deception dripping from your face
The victims have no name
A rampage full of fear and pain
No mercy for the slain
The victims have no name

The war between the spirits of the evil and the good
You can see the hand restraining if we only understood

The lies are always in your face

The truth is just a game
You ride along the pleasure train
Just to see what you can gain

Calling the streets of hell your home
Feeding the black inside your soul

Conquering demons as the angels fight
The forces of the dark
Persecuting sinners in the spirit world, the prince of the air

The age of darkness soon will pass
With the sword of the spirit
The light will shine on us at last
To hear the cry of the wounded

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