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So stare and
Look at the colors they glow so another can view
Through the signs
Only one way to hold it together
It’s time that somebody let go
Of the line

It’s the air I breathe in
Poisoning so long
It's a moment, a feeling
When all my world's gone wrong
It’s the air I breathe in
Holding in so long
It's a moment, a feeling
What the hell took so long?

Wait, see now
Patiently summer while fuckheads discover
Their two car garage
All I want, is a chance to discover
What else may become of this place
So designed


This will be
The last time
You lie
To me

But the holding takes so long
Breathing gathers sounds
Sounds to burden song
I’ve been holding in so long

For one day we
Pretend were something else
See the light of today in the night
Throw, we’ve
Words that don't mean and a shout that's bled into a sigh
Left to die


Text přidala Lucipher69

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Orchids And Ammunition

Drist texty

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