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Let’s stay in bed, cause I don’t wanna go to work
I’d rather just work on you
Turn off your head, don’t worry about the million things
you think you gotta do
Let’s hit snooze
And take our time, take a break
From the world, cause it can wait

Go head turn it over in your mind
You tell me I’m your kryptonite
But don’t get mad you know I’m right

This just can’t wait till tonight
Outside it’s pouring
Let’s sleep off the morning
And wake up to heaven in the afternoon
We don’t have to fight this
We should be selfish

Stay in and do all the things that we want to
We can blame the rain and take no calls
Step away from it all
Live it up cause we ain’t got tomorrow
We got today, today, today

I know you say that sometimes I don’t take
Things as serious as I should
Well, answer me this – if I’m such a bad influence then

How do I make you feel so good?
Cause it’s just one of those days
To tell the world it can wait
We’ll leave the house tomorrow feeling fresh and new

Cause baby you’re my kryptonite
And I get weak at just the sight of you
But I know what to do
So close your eyes and count to ten

And when you open them you’ll know just what I’m trying to do
Just take my hand, cause I’ve got a plan
Follow me and baby we can set the mood

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Video přidala Silvík10

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