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I’m not supposed to be here, it doesn’t end like that
We had picture perfect – you made it fade to black
You left me with only questions and answers I can’t figure out
Everything that I thought would last has disappeared so fast
What do I do now?

Cause I’m going under
After all we been through guess I never knew you
And when was it over?

I missed the writing on the wall
Now I’m going under
Picture what you’re thinking as I’m slowly sinking
And I can’t help but wonder
How do you sleep at night at all?

Now why’d you have to run away, is happiness for someone else?
I guess it’s true what they say – that history repeats itself
Cause once the going gets good then you get gone and what’s that all about?
I’m disappearing in quicksand and it’s happening so fast
What do I do now?

Don’t you know that I’m, I’m goin’ under
Cause I can’t sleep
Just staring at the ceiling, losing all feeling
I got no peace
You sucked out my air and I’m having trouble breathing

This is coming out of nowhere, but you don’t care
Did you ever really care at all?
Did you ever care?
I need to know

Text přidala Silvík10

Video přidala Silvík10

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