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presenting modern moonlight just as advertised
coke and pepsi finally found a compromise
how can they complain that we’re all fucked up kids
when they keep on changing who our mother is?

(like it all you want it’s fruitless
night is in the way of progress)

retinas are bleeding for the enterprise
surgically wired into paradise
yesterday I dropped in on the MKB
everyone was messaging like it was going out of style
it was just the cynic in me
god, I love communicating!
I just hate the shit we’re missing…

everybody join in the magnificence!
yes! everything is absolutely making sense…
every time you turn around your soul gets sold
to the highest bidder
then they turn around and merger and they merger
and the merger and they murder and they murder
and the one who murders most will take it all……

(fight it all you want it’s useless
night is in the way of progress)

we’re gonna take your cities one by one
cut your cables cut your cords and spoil all your fun
we’re gonna make your life a living hell
cos stripped of your equipment you’ll be forced to face yourself…

wire cutters of the world
you know what to use it for
spread the word to all the tightrope walker boys and girls
brace yourself for miracles
you’re in for a nasty shock
when the war is over you can read the paper

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Yes, Virginia...

The Dresden Dolls texty

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