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The Awakening - text

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The more that you´ll get, the more will you want.
Nothing can please you, to cease you to yeam.
You reach out for the sun, you bore underground.
What lies there for you?
Searching for riches and treasures of old.Nothing can
please your hunger for gold. Burrowing under, reaching
for the stars. But now you have reached too far.
No! What have you done
Now it is time to pay.
Feel your heart.Beating in the dark. You have invoked
the beast beneath. No one can hear your scream.
Now the spiral is spinning too fast. Any second might
be your last. Your heart was led by greed.
From your soul the beast will feed.
Once again i feel my heart. Beating my lifeblood
through my veins. Woe upon thee and thy kind.For
thou hast wakened the slumber of mine. Hatred shall
be my wine. Fear my meat.With your soul I shall feast.

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