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The warning - text


Sunday morning blood shot eyes
Didn't see it coming
I ignored the ringing bell
Took the stairway down to hell

'Cause the day you cross the line
There is no such thing as fear
Your dexterity grows stronger

Walking down the road to hell
A step towards the line
When things can't be undone
Then I realize!

It's a warning
The colour of your soul
It's a fire
Which sparks through me and you
It's decisions
To follow every move
An ignition
The final move
I'm leaving it to you

Yet another day to kill
And another bottle
Can't endure the massive pain
As it's running through my veins
What's been growing up inside
An invisible machine
Can't explain this brutal strain
Like a bullet through my brain

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Exit 49

Dreamland texty

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