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Ooo ooo, yea
There's a place in my heart
That I go when I dream
A place that nobody can see
Every night I see love
I see someone who's waiting
Waiting for someone like me
He must be out there
Someone for me
Tell me how long
Till I'm not just dreaming
How long
Till somebody cares
How long
Till I meet an angel
And give him my heart
When can I start
How long till I fall in love
I sit every night
By my window just wishing
And searching for one perfect star
Can anyone hear me
Oh moon if you're listening
Please send him right here to my arms
He must be out there
Waiting for me
Tell me just how long will it be
I've always believed that my dreams would come true
That one of these nights he'd appear he'd be here in my arms
I see it all so clearly how it could be
I wish he was kissin me now

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