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II. Live, Die, Kill - text


Consider this question
Look deep inside
Deliver a true confession
What are you willing to live for?
Consider this question
Open your eyes
Examine your own reflection
What are you willing to die for?
When your back’s against the wall
and your time’s uncertain
Consider this question
No standing by
When flesh and blood are threatened,
what are you willing to kill for?

We seek to understand
We cry with hand in hand

The bridges we build to connect
The distance that makes us forget
Hate dividing us, love reminding us
of our shared humanity
Hope can be a shadow fleeting
I would rather die believing
Capture it all in a final act of faith

We seek to understand
We cry with hand in hand

A story that needs to be told
An answer that begs to be found
The beauty we wish to behold
is never too far away

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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