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Born on a blacklist
My shadow made plain
You saw me as perfect
Despite my mistakes
Sewn in the throes of your pain
An anchor of love to keep me from drifting away
Visions of your final page have plagued me
Now I'm flipping through the chapters again
Forgiving and so tender
(It's only right, it's only right)
Unconditional, forever
(Until the end, my work is done)
I missed my chance and now it's welling up inside of me
We open the floodgates and drown in our words
Maybe now, my sorrows can ventilate again
I promise it wasn't in vain
I promise the path that I walk wouldn't be the same
Every step misplaced, I brought back
I swear I can do it again
Undisciplined and infectious
(We all are, we all are)
We lose control and it wrecks us
(We can mend and make amends)
I've brought you shame so many times now
I don't know if you'll ever see me the same way again
Listen up
Listen up, dear
Listen up
Tell me what's been going on
You opened your heart and showed your soul
It shouldn't be a burden you hold
We're fighting our reflection
(We all are, We all are)
We're grieving for our fiction
(Release yourself, it's for your health)
Your door was closed
I opened mine
Already crushed by our loss
Can I forgive myself for not choosing a better time?
I know you won't be the first
And damned if we won't be the last
The things we can't undo
Can't become our undoing
Benevolent mother, your sister is here
Benevolent mother...

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