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Let's go!

Do you not see sir,
I am a walking soldier
The night is growing colder,
and I am on me way back home

Where the fields are green,
and it's not for hating,
her wicked smile is waiting
Waiting for me this I know,
because an angel told me so

Elizabeth forever
Elizabeth forever

In the Belgian streets
It was an endless riot,
and you would not deny it,
to see me brothers laid so low

And the blood ran thick,
through the ancient forest,
or the ones who came before us
And it's always been the fucking same,
the bullets whistled out her name

Elizabeth forever
Elizabeth forever

And I would walk,
across a thousand miles,
and see her wicked smile,
amid the finest gold and blue

So I say farewell,
to the endless thunder,
and now we shall not slumber
Until the lowly hands do rest,
and the words burned to my chest

Elizabeth forever
Elizabeth forever

Elizabeth forever
Elizabeth foreve

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