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I killed the priest who lied that you’d be saved
Hundreds of others crowd his infectious grave
I slew your newborns without shedding a tear
Before your weeping eyes
I choke them in blood, I blister their skin
Tormented watching their agonized suffering
You beg forgiveness, there’s no one to hear
Now I crawl into your lungs, you know your own demise is near

Falling to your knees
I am your god now
Fallen in disease
I devour millions

Sickness redeemer
No god saves
Festering corpses
Unburied decay
Black Death judgment
Mercy is denied
Rest in plague
All gods have died

Siege of contagion
Faith’s extermination

Sickness redeemer
No god saves
Festering corpses
Unhallowed decay

No prayers ever answered
Cities fill with dying and dead
No reverent, no innocent spared
Church bells long fallen silent

Bubonic deliverance
Piety dethroned by pestilence

I killed them all and left them to rot
Wrathful fury smitten by a so-called god
I blacken your family, swarming with flies
Before your dying eyes

Sickness redeemer
No god saves
Festering corpses
Bursting mass graves
Black Death apocalypse
Life is denied
All gods have died

Text přidal DevilDan

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