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Return of the Black Death - text


Agonized cries only silenced with death
South winds return and with them suffering and torment
Remorseless hand of death rids the land of lives
Blisters risen on the skin foretelling your demise

Pestilence arising
Return of the black death

Carts piled high with reeking victims of the plague
Decomposing corpses, no one left to bury the dead
Graveyards full, bodies stacked in a massive trench
Only a few inches of earth blanket the rotting stench

Pestilence arising
Return of the black death
Winds of contagion
Bubonic annihilation

Infection ravaging, drops men like flies
Depopulating the countryside
Survivors flee, plague black in their veins
Fools pray - nothing will keep death away

Pestilence arising
Return of the black death

Civilization falls before your eyes

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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