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Punishment of Burning Torment - text


Embers burning
Irons glowing
Pressed against
Body struggling
Red-hot pincers sear and blister
Blacken naked flesh
Pinch the twisted cracking skin
Tearing it away

Screams of mortal agony
The ordeal has just begun
Glowing skewer
Pierces through the tongue

Punishment excruciating
Hideously burnt and flayed
The strongest souls collapse in terror
With red-hot iron against the face
Learn new worlds of pain

Mutilated head to foot
Skin deformed and stripped
Irons plunge into the eyes
A blinding blaze of pain
Cannot see the glowing metal
Thrust into your crotch
Bear the cruelest torment
As the organs shrivel and char

Agony's delirium
Screaming incoherent now
Torture unrelenting
Mercy only in death found

Burning punishment of roasting death
Deformed skin brutally flayed
The strongest souls collapse in terror
With red hot iron against the face
Learning new worlds of pain

Text přidal DevilDan

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