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Hallucinations grip my brain
By god directed to my work
I am Christ the coprophagist
Liturgy of the perverse
Bloody nails on my paddle
Pain will cleanse the sin away
Atonement through excruciation
Sickening toll the children pay

And she looks so nice
Easily entice
Never seen again
Pushed another needle in

Innocently follow to your death
Slender throat is in my grasp
Eyes locked as the last gasp is expelled
Dismembered by my implements of hell

Agony sublime
Another needle in my groin
Searing pain tears through my body
As the steel penetrates

Retrieve the tools
Of your slaughter
Left behind
Near forgotten
My pack of blades
A saw and axe
Prepared to carve
Filet and hack

Her roasted ass was most delicious
Strips of flesh cooked in the stew
With cannibal voracity
Days spent gorging tasty brew
A constant state of ecstasy
Begotten by my heinous act
I could have raped instead I ate
Your daughter died virtue intact

And she was so young
And she was so sweet
Implements of hell
Carve the tender meat

Text přidal DevilDan

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