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Christian Extinction - text


Churches crumbling to the ground
Holy land awash in blood
Praying Christians ripped in half
Butchered like your bastard son
Final cleansing has begun

The Christian faith

Millions murdered in its name
Religious cancer
This blessed night the tables turn
The ancient farce will fall

The christian faith

Allegiance sworn to no one
Those who follow are lost
Slaughtering indiscriminately
All who bear the cross
Screams of vengeful torture
Unheard by your imagined lord
Slowly hacked to pieces
Devoured by our voracious horde

No heaven, no hell, no afterlife
As soon you will discover
Existing this only world
Brutally dismembered

The christian faith

Two thousand years retribution
One night death eternal
Resurrection never comes
Forever dead your idol
Slaughtering the holy

Blood of christians soaks the earth
Religious genocide achieved
Extinction, no rebirth

Text přidal DevilDan

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