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Come inside,
My dreams are thine
And flow inside
My womb is thine...

You come from unknown planets
Bringing deadly sonnets
Messenger of fear
God and death are here

Children born by cosmic madness
Mutant creatures bound to sadness
Horror shows are here performed
Monsters - human flesh deformed

Dark the light
That feels my eyes
And dark the night:
The moon won't rise...

"I am in thee to save thee, as my soul in thee saith;
Give thou as I gave thee, thy life-blood and breath,
Green leaves of thy labour, white flowers of thy thought,
And red fruit of thy death.

Be the ways of thy giving, as mine were to thee;
The free life of thy living, be the gift of it free;
Not as servant to lord, nor, as master to slave,
Shalt thou give thee to me."
[Algernon Charles Swinburne]


Scorrono dentro me mille voci bianche
Vibrano intorno a me in cerca di una rima
Dolce musica che dura un istante
Vita senza un perche, sola pia di prima

Nascono come noi, grandi gli occhi neri
Amano se lo vuoi, vita del mio ventre
Sognano come noi, vedono i pensieri
Da un mondo dove non e, chi non e per sempre

My child...

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