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Watcher on the Wall - text


The battle rages on, the fight for supremacy
Apocalyptic signs revealing our destiny

A game of thrones, a storm of swords
Nobody understands, divided we fall

A clash of kings soon will begin
If they don’t listen then we never will win!

We are the outcasts of a cruel society
Sent here to die for crimes of any variety

Beyond the wall, white shadows walk
A tale of ice and fire soon will be told

So stand ready for the fight
When the brotherhood calls
Never falter, stay alive
We'll defend our post
When winter will come

I am the watcher on the wall
I am the shield to guard the realms of man
Now and until my death
Tonight and for all nights to come
My honour and my life is not my own
It's my brothers' in black

To stand united in the face of adversity
Might be the only way to stop this calamity

Their eyes of ice, devoid of life
Telling a tale of murder and homicide
We need more men and more supplies
You’ve got to help us if you want to survive

Text přidal DevilDan

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