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Under the Banners of War - text


The last of the Kai
Has travelled many miles
To face the dark lords everywhere
Through the fire and the ice

Scars on the flesh
Scars on the soul
Despite the pain and sufferings
The hero pushes on

How can we do any less?
Forget fear
Raise your heads!

Under the banners of war
We are marching on, marching on
Against the darkness we must be strong
Under the banners of war
We are marching on, marching on
To bide him time to come back
And save our world!

A flight from the dark
Has taken all his friends
The burden of Kai heritage
Entirely in his hands

Traps to the right
Traitors to the left
From Vassagonia to the chasm
He could barely rest

And now the wolf
Is on the hunt once again
We'll endure
Until he's back

The power of the gods
Within a frail form of man
A purity of heart
He's out for justice, not revenge

Nobody knows
His pain inside
We cannot see
We're just two blind

A bringer of hope
Into a violent age
The bearer of the summer sword
Will light our people's way

Bane of the Kraan
Destroyer of ghosts
He won't surrender to the might
Of Drakkar warriors

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