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The Armageddon Machine - text


We've never seen something like this:
iron and steel growing as a living thing, eternally
When they will move, what will they do?
When it begins, can we defend our kin from these machines?

From the farthest reaches of the Universe,
the Space Gods have come!
They will pass judgment:
an epic trial that will decide
the fate of the entire human race!

Signs and Prophecies
Never prepared humanity for this

The end is near
The end is near, but we won't shed a single tear
We stand together to survive, to survive, no hope is lost!
No hope is lost, and no one will be left alone
Against all reason, we'll still fight to survive, we'll survive!

And now they walk, crashing it all beneath their feet,
leaving behind only smoke, dust and blood
Sparkles of light, electric might
Computer gods ready to strike from above and below

Their motives, unknowable by our limited intellect;
their thoughts, unthinkable by our lesser mind.
And there is just one name for their gargantuan vessel:
The Armageddon Machine!

Text přidal DevilDan

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