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Ride the Storm - text


Every day, all the way, we'll stand together
To survive the open sea, you have to be
Ready for anything
And to believe in each other and your ship

Our roots, our blood, we will never forget
Our homes far away will live on in our hearts
Anywhere, anytime
Greener pastures may never be found
But we must try!

Sailing on a new quest for glory
Knowing we may never return
Freedom is our destiny's calling
We can’t wait anymore

Ride the storm
Until the morning comes
And the clouds are all gone
Ride the storm
Under the skull and bones
Chase the light of the dawn
Ride the storm

Our lives can be hard, and unforgiving
Is the wrath of the gods down in the deep
Privateers on the prowl
As we're approaching our prey the winds will howl

Stay alert! Brig ahoy!
We will board every ship
Take you place for the fight!
Carrying riches and gold
Cannonballs flying high
Know that only by honour we're bound
Never by law!

Black prince is the name of our vessel
Dark sails, heavy cannons of war
Rebels we are called by oppressors
We will treat 'em with scorn

Text přidal DevilDan

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