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Quest for Glory Valhalla - text


Finally the fight begins over the moor
And we know the enemy is much too strong
In the heart I have no fear, coward I'm not
I'll be riding with the gods, my time has come

Hear the sound of battle horns, I have to go
Is there any glory for me, I just don't know
Balder will you guide my way, give me your strenght
On this field I face the death, no turning back

My sword waits for blood
In the name of Thor

Open for me the gates of your Valhalla
Father Odin wait for me, I'll be there with you
I will not die, I'm riding through the sky
Warriors of eternity, I'll be there with you

Blood was spilled, many were killed
The battle seems over now, am I really still live?
Heimdall, are you watching me from Bifrost?
But I'm not dead, not this time!

Now the fight is over and here on the field
Lie so many broken men, but I still live!
One day I will meet you Odin, but not today
And tomorrow into glory I'll ride again


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