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The oath between the kings is done
They know what is to do
The quest begins to find a man
A man whose heart is pure
Bridge 1:
Though many warriors are able with the sword
Only the purest soul can reach the Oracle
Chorus 1:
Who is the one?
Trial of water will show to us
Fulfill the oath
Pure of heart our only hope
The youngest of the warriors
Was brought up by the monks
His name is Artan and he comes
From Varnia he comes
Bridge 1
Chorus 1
In the Holy Water
He will put the hand
Shall he pass the trial
All the others failed?
Bridge 2:
Though many warriors are better with the sword
He is the chosen one to reach the Oracle
Chorus 2:
He is the one
Trial of water told it to us
Fulfill the oath
Pure of heart our only hope

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