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My Endless Flight - text


Some people would say that I’m gifted
While others would think I am cursed
‘Cause all of my lives end in violence
But every time I am reborn

My soul was bound
To this plane forever
By the strongest chain
That cannot be severed
Like a guinea pig for a force beyond our wildest dreams
I have crossed the ages but I never held my memories

I am a warrior coming from the past
But I’m living for today
And now I understand
The final part I have to play

My endless flight
Will shape a destiny for all of mankind
For every wight
My endless flight
Will carry me to prove
that we got the right, and we're no blight

Gods of thunder descending on Earth
I will show you we're worth

Inside their temple of metal
While fires burn my whole being
I face the ghosts of my fears
I see the point in their game
Re-live all deaths I have suffered
It's not to test our boldness
And feel the worst man can give
It is to see where we aim

Will we end up destroying
All the good that we build?
Are we ready to change, or are we bound to repeat?

Through my eyes now they see
That despite all our flaws
There will always be those
Who will strive on and on
To make a better world

I'm tired and empty
And yet, somehow relieved
I feel their decision is fair
They've seen potential
In humanity
So... thus, I am finally free

They're returning all
To the state it was
Before their machines
Landed on the Earth
Guardians of the stars, they have deemed that our history
Can follow on, 'till we solve their big mystery

Gods of thunder descended on Earth
I have proven we're worth

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