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Gods of Thunder - text


Rainbows light up the darkness
Announcing I have returned
Back from the halls of Valhalla, and not alone!

On my chariot we're riding
Straight in the heart of the flame
Crushing the evils that try to stand in our way

Hammers of justice will strike

Foul creatures don’t stand a chance tonight

When the Stormbreaker sings
It's a song of thunder and screams
Let the demons be cast from this place!
Hear the call of Mjöllnir
When it summons lightning and wind
And the forces of Muspell will cry
They will die!

I have travelled the spaceways
To help my people in need
Odin has heard my request, granted my plea!

You are worthy of the power
A noble warrior's heart
Though our blood ant the same, brothers we are!
Let's show the monsters our might

Foul creatures don’t stand a chance tonight

Don’t care how many of them are there, oooh
Don’t care we will never fall or fail, oooh

Korbinite/Asgaridan alliance was born
Through lakes of molten lava and stones
Together they stand against evil bones
Together they strike 'til victory's won!

Hammers bite, blinding bright
We still fight until victory's won

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