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All around I hear the crackling of broken ice
Vision is not clear because of fading light
Frost in the air, but my heart is warm
Something burning levitates, rising from the lake
By two great wings it will fly in the skies
Dragonhead on the bow, with two shininâ eyes
ăWelcome on boardä, I hear in my head
Thoâ nobodyâ speaking now, I can hear it loud
I feel the power growing inside of me
Everywhere I want to go
Drakkar does, Drakkar knows
Dragonship spreading the wings
Bring me tonight, into the fight
Dragonship riding the wind
The reign of death, we'll make it end
The Dragonâs Spirit:
I am the Spirit of the Last Dragon
I live inside this ship
Iâve been waiting for centuries
For a pure of heart
My honourâs to serve you
To do as you command
My fate is to help you
In a mission so hard
Weâve finally reached the castle now
Dispel the magic, it wonât keep me out
Cold flames erupt, from the Drakkarâs jaws
And the shield is melted down, blue flames all around

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