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I feel the anger
The lust for blood and fight
It's burning, burning, wheels are turning
My heart is racing
I crave to show my power
Foes are falling
Burning, burning!

And when this is over
We'll sit in a circle, enjoy the night
Our classes will rise, full of bloodwine
Songs we will sing of our victory!

My blades awaiting
To feast upon the flesh
Of those opposing our glory
My heart is racing
For one more victory
My soul is yearning
Burning, burning

Sons of Kahless
Protectors of the empire
Fierce and fearless
We don’t back down!

Pain and sorrow
Are better than dishonor
Keep your head up
Until you die!

To prove our mettle
We'll take the birds of prey and our raptors
In savage battle
Unleash the fury
Make sure the enemy won't be returning
Burning, burning

Text přidal DevilDan

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