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The Maiden's Cliff - text


I met her in a dream
A night, clear as a mountain stream
But our dreams are not our own
On the morning breezes they have flown

So come near
Sit and hear

And then rest by the fire
And come hear my song
The tale of a liar, a maiden's gone
The winter's cold, the night has come
And still the wind blows strong
And still the wind blows on

Glanced at me across the hall
She blushed, and let her eyes fall
And by the morrow she was gone
Left but echoes on the dawn

The night was long
The wind was strong

And we sat by the fire with song and wine
She sang with the choir, then she was mine
The maiden's fair, her smile divine
And still I missed her sigh

And she danced in the fire
By midnight clear
The song of the lyre, the song I fear
The maiden's fair, the cliff so near
And still her voice is here
And still her voice is near

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