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What a Strange Day - text

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What a strange day
maybe I was dreaming
nothing seemed entirely awake
what uncertain light
What a strange night
it's dancing with the candle
its atmosphere is---and drunk
you can cut it with a knife
what a strange life
even as it's passing
its hard to see it happening at all
like a shadow on the wall
what a strange god
if everything is nothing
then why is nothing ever what it seems
what a hidden kind of love
what a strange word
just because you told it
don't mean you told anything at all
its better from a mime
and what a strange line
wrapped around in letters
a drawing for a symbol for a sound
its never right before its wrong
what a strange song
a heat to beat the rhythm
a brain to move the melody along
a tune of everybody's choice
what a strange voice
coming from the speaker
recorded on the twentieth of may
what a strange day

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