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I tip my cap to the heavy heavy rain
I wave hello when I see a snake go by
I ain't a fighter, never been in a fight
Can't get no answers from the other guy
So let's just clear the air
I'm over here, I'm over there
I am the youngest of a family of spiders
I got a web of my very own weaving
I know where I belong and nothing gonna beat it
So I ain't going home just because I'm leaving
So let's just clear the air
I'm over her, I'm over there
Well the last time that I got lonely
I didn't even know your name
Once and again for the first time
Yeah it's only but it ain't the same
I remember everything you told me
I remember you walking away
I felt it on the moment that I met you
And that felt like a place that I should stay
So let's just clear the air
I'm over her, I'm over there
We were around long before my birthday
We'll be around to put flowers on my grave
Me and you got a history of history
Me and you, two continuous waves
So let us fill the air
We are over her, we're over there

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