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I've Just Got To Tell You - text

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I'm gonna love you till the day I was born
and I'm gonna call you
so keep your ear to the horn
what's the news are you sad?
ain't the groom or the dad
but I'm the boy who loves to love you
and I'm gonna miss you
till the day I come home
I'm always groaning
even when I'm in Rome
but what's the use if it's sad
I'm only following dad
I'm on the road and dreaming of you
you are the reason I'm living
you may be all that I love
every bit as forgiving
as the lord up above
but what's the secret you heard
you told me every word
now I just gotta tell you
what's the worth of darkness in the light
what's the fall from sunshine every night
I don't know how but I just got to tell you
what's the word that means more than a word
what's better than the best thing ever heard
I don't know how but I just got to tell you

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