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Rich Man / Poor Man - text

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Calling all the leaders of all African states
Please change you're system as i would say
Cause the poor man don't like it
Mi say the poor man don't love it
We have to supress this opression
We have to change this babylon system
Even with this strong revolution
Create employment for the poor man
Mi Gowa mi Hai ge me
Mi Gowa mi Hai ge me
10% of the people dem have plenty
- and 90% of the people man dem go half belly
Mother can't get nuttin' so give dem pickeney
What we gwan'do when no have no money
We am go pick up the knife& pick up the gun & plan robbery
Have police around me junked up in a penitentiary
Some of the people led and mi say some ordinary
But tell yo Daddy Boastin a lot mi difficuly - come down!!
Mi Gowa mi Hai ge me
The rich man would live
The poor man would die
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of needle
Than a rich man to enter the Kindom of Heaven
Hear me now

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