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The Rise And Fall Of T.H.C. Tennis - text

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Once you understand my state of mind
all of you will be singing my lines
we've conquered land and sky
after being tossed on the highways side
as mother mary gave grace at your feet
we stood in courtside and watched your down fall
you confused your love with lust
your affair with the devil was hard to shake off
what you forgot is this was never just yours
aimed at the audience with passion and soul
your raft is sinking
you will never hold the crown to this kingdom
you efforts fall just short last nights misfortune
i'll never forget the look the stun
the second you knew you were undone
whats goes bad must come down
so i knocked off your fucking crown [x3]
just to recap we're not about mal intent
we gave our lives to this traveling camp
the smiling faces cross this country so wide
not a single one of them will tear when you die

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