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Brace yourself for the fall. Understanding and over-thinking has saved many
from a life of false belief, my being one of them. I’ve learned to accept what
happens in the end and sometimes you’re better off if you choose to neglect.
There is a time and place for everything and I believe I never made it there in
time for fucking anything. Don’t try to crack me with your therapeutic nonsense
and doing has turned me into what I have become. Because if I get my way and
have my way with you, I will destroy your every thought of what is right in
life. I dare you to get close to me, I dare you to get close to me. I’ve always
been a firm believer in this life is short nothing happens on the day that it
ends so I’m here to clear the doubt in your head. What’s done is done and when
you’re dead, you’re fucking dead. I promise you, I promise you it’s gonna be a
bad one. I promise you, I promise you, its gonna be a bad one. So brace
yourself for the fall…I promise you its gonna be a bad one.

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