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New York, California And Nowhere In Between - text

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Can someone please find me a new trend
one that wont lose its charm before it ends
a simple theme of air brushed tinted red
with her lose lips and charm it shall begin
go for the throat lock in and say goodnight
i know this venture won't be my last try
as for the families these rules don't apply
cause in the dead of night is when i strike
i swear to god we'll fucking party tonight
just like last night and the night before
new faces different places
but the graves all state the same
my thirst for blood has yet to be quenched
patrol the moon with malicious intent
soaked head to toe with last gasps of fear
hit the road past the sun we disappear
the only moves to make are to get out fast
this time around you wont be saved by the dance
as the king lays his crown on the thrown
his legacy shall continue as unknown
i hammer down the last nails in your coffin
double-checked to not make a mistake
i hammer down the last nails in your coffin
dropped it down to the bed of the lake

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