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Circling colors surround my face
I see the brightness of you
Try to spend my pain in you
It's all I've wanted, All this time
To travel the world with you
Is god up there watching you?
To spend a life with you
But the end is so much nearer

I go to the place where the ocean meets the river
The sky goes on forever in my mind
and I can see it's gray
If all the reasons could be shown,
and I could see you in the light
The flower in the pouring rain,
would not be crushed beneath the rock

I'd die for you

Why do the seasons change, and why must it ever rain?
Why must the weekends end,
and why must the sunset ever turn to night?
I don't know, why this all happens to me
Still I go on, I travel always towards the sea

I'd die for you

All's I ever wanted was for you to see
Before you my life was misery
As the river flows to the sea
I hear you calling back for me
I'd die for you

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