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Three Suns and One Star - text


All felt is hope
To spilling over needs are a passing memory
Fear not worthy
A martyr's burden
Heaved upon capable shoulders
Dissuade your charge
Arrive in commonplace with the elect
Size up the furthest plateau
Inside the soul of saints...

The old dog has to learn a new trick and more
Or the next trick will be on him
I've drank the oceans dry
I've stopped the time
Embraced the riddle of regret (again and again)

Haunt me long
The light of 3 suns and one star
Watch over me...
A square will never fit a circle
No hope
No joke
Both bookends burned
I've drowned in oceans (of) mine
I woke the dead
And still the dry bones live again
(And again with me)

Haunt me long
The light of 3 suns and one star
No higher
Keeps us strong
The light of 3 suns and one star...
Watching over me

In me... watching closely over me
In we... moving within you and me
In deep... our own ideology

In me... X-Ray hanged for all to see
Naked... Frenzied and we're free
Our own ideology...

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