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Killing My Heart - text

Come away from the world
Seen it all come undone
This is how I feel

All the memories I've lost
To be free from the ones
True to be unreal

But I'm closing my eyes
To feel all in my heart
Like a carousel

An I ripped out the blinds
To see clearly unknown
This is what is left of me

It's so constantly
Constantly it's

Killing My Heart
Burried away, Buried away
Killing My Heart

Killing My Heart
Buried away, Buried away
Killing My Heart

Cutting through all the loss
So I can speed up my drive
I speak down to you

All the gears hat unwind
Are betraying your kind
Now I'm haunting you

But I measured it all
To seek out compromise
Such a great disguise

But I'm taking you down
To Redeem my demise
This is what I have to do

Come misery
Leave me here to be
The only thing I know
Is I'm never letting go

Come Misery
Leave me here to bleed
The only thing I know
Is I'm never letting go

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