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The Ones Left Scream - text

In the morning a train came to pick up the clandestine
to the city erase a past to believe in dreams.
IAN distrusting and
the pals celebrating everybody's come to realize so it
was easy to run away

The wall's been returning

The two sides have always been the same piece they
were returning
maybe to the readjustment they broke into the door IAN
and his pals climb the train until the roof.

The law always triumphs.

Staring eyes on the horizon useless to ask IAN the
cables come flying inside cars the ones left scream
desperatly IAN lying cries
freedom comes dignified.

The train crosses the boarder IAN drops off and
disappears it's dawn
and both follow their destiny.

"I've always imagined the sunrise as an omen on
the end of the world before this statement.
I'm only a child in torment they can
call me a man, I already have a raped soul how much
weight do I still have to carry for the mankind?"
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