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Make use of your culture
To avoid the cracks in every communication system
That acid rain wastes away

Along with monuments
To human beings
The death of each animal
Facing extinction
Including you, human,
Remain of an ancient past

As for the ones who cannot cry
Only heart of stone will be born

Seductive ultra-violet rays penetrate the raped ozone layer
These rapist chloroflucarbon gases

The creation of the all-powerful man
Seven subraces of the seven races
That once more will rise again

Standing incoherent without reacting
Do you believe the opposing poles have holes?
Is this reality really that far?
Will it be made only by indecent hollows?

You and all else will pass
Because what's missing in this awful world is love

Four single letters cannot be found
Is any library of our world around
Dear Earth, sorry to tell you
But they don't love you at all

They don't love you, they don't love you at all
Don't they love you? they don't love you at all

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