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Not To Leave The Power - text

Rumors about delaying the election, a synonym of
calling if off.
They want to break into the
Drain-traps to arrest the drug dealers.
Probably to inspect the Undergrounds with a good excuse.
Rumors are fast and efficient.

Not to Leave the Power

They broadcast an electional propaganda during the
hardworkers sleep.
They were taught to sleep with
their TV sets turned on that get
off the air when work begins.

Hardworkers keep indifferent even under a threat of
not voting many clandestines disappeared from
meetings, they surrendered expecting
a reward (or forgiveness for such a great attitude).

"I must forget about my grand mom sleeping in
front of TV set my girlfriend left me, my parents are
growing older, this God that never comes.

My world was the room, now my answers are behind the wall.
My world was the room, that's what they told me".

[IAN's mom watches the electional propaganda and says:]
"These eyes don't lie. The face and the eyes changed but this
opposition candidate was our president 20 years ago, the same folks of yesterday".

"All possible efforts not to leave the power".

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