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Kali Yuga (From Vishnu Purana) - text

When wealth is the only fount of virtue
When passion is the only tie between man and wife
When society reaches the level
Where property is the measure of achievement
Then you will be in Kali Yuga

So that we can see us free
Then you will be in Kali Yuga

Forget life's dream and get close to the truth
Why do we always have to win or lose?
Don't just accept the rules
This clue comes from within
Consistently ringing our inner bell
Our souls clamouring for the end of their censorship

When dishonest is the secret for sucess in life
When sex is the only form of pleasure
When ones'outside fancy appearances
Are mistaken as religious values

Poor mankind
No place to hide
The exit is still there
Love is still alive

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