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Sail (Maledivy) - text

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Tired and lonely
Thinking of one and only
On the cold floor of smoking room
You want my handshake
But I´m scared and my hands
I feel like little insect
Under your zoom
Pockets full of cigarette buds
You trust me
But I´m nuts
Tons of pills and calls
Ale sleepless nights
I bring just trouble
I ain´t no lover
I ain´t no wife
I would spoil your sunset
And burn your rights
I can´t stand myself anymore
Thats why I´m crying on the floor
Sail away
You own the oceans anyway
Sail, sail, sail
And don´t look back
I would bring the storm
And the ship would crack
Sail, sail, sail
Little sailor
Light up a fag
And hold on tight
I will always be with you
I´ll bet he shadow
Of your light

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