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Sittin´ by the fire
you will never see the dark
we can still fly higher
or be eaten by first shark
Waitin´ till the pain disappears
will never make you happy
so make that jump and dry your tears
and if you see the door
then just get in
Life is hard, but since we know it
there´s no reason to be sad
once I had a dream and I should show it
if you have heart you don´t need a head
I know I made lot of mess and stress
but now I see, how it was necessary
and with new dress I put a new face
and I hope, it´s not ordinary
I still hope that there´s a chance
that I will meet you on these streets
but I don´t want to compare those men to you
I´m a looser, but please remember,
that looser never quits
so until my eyes are open
I´m able to watch over you
If I open my heart to you
what would you do
would you throw that stone away
or would you just run, far away
And where would you run
to the moon or to the sun
the shadow of loneliness
is always behind us I guess
I don´t need a time and words
to see who is who
like the rivers we meet you in the sea
and we´ll be part of the blue
I can be mad and bad and sad
but who of them can judge my head
I´m full of fear
and have no tear to cry
so please just try
to keep open eyes
I know I want more than I deserve
but there is always big reserve
to fall more down
and loose a crown
of sad clown
There´s no time, future and past
and no need to be the best
just a little hope for a little rest on the way
there is no brand new day
and no hunger to be other than grey
you can say that you pray
but you still stay
on your ...... way
full of hopeless days
until you don´t give to game
your face
But there´s a chance
there´s a place
where´s the end
of our race
and nice solution
to our case

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