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The butterfly effect, we keep 'em all in check (2x)
[Skits Vicious]
Rub a dub dub, two girls, one cup
Smothered in cum, two balls one cock
Gobble it up sluts (yes!), don't waiste none
Bukake, there's more where that came from
Ain't no justice, just sluts
Asses to asses, butts to butts
Your body's the canvas, my dick's the brush
I paint the picture of no love but lust
She's looking at me like, he must be nuts!
I'm looking at her like... You must eat nuts!
The butterflies in her stomach... Make her vomit...
Nah! She just needs drugs!
I got the butterfly effect on her
The reason she calls up a friend of her's
Bad bitches know, so they spread the word
There's a new sheriff in town, let's flirt!
From flirting comes kisses
From kisses comes fingers
From fingers comes something real' big that I insert
Pow! That hits the spot!
Bitches just keep coming back, that's cause I got:
The butterfly effect, we keep 'em all in check (2x)
[Dopey Rotten]
Yeah I'm making her mad, she wants me so bad
She always says that I'm the best she ever had
I stick it deep down her throat, until she gags
Cumshot to the face, then she laughs
On to the next one, the next piece of ass
She dirty in the bedroom, acting high class
I'm down for the get down, I never just pass
She's butt naked, raising her glass
Toast to the scumbag that came too fast (Woops!)
Second time around, yeah you know I'll last
Beat her up good, made her come with a splash
Grabbed my clothes fast as I left in a dash
She felt like a whore so I left her some cash
Bumped into her girlfriend who wants to get smashed
Keeps on saying that she likes white trash
Here we go again, the effect still lasts
The butterfly effect, we keep 'em all in check (2x)
[Jay Reaper]
(Check, check) Check this, I'm a mess and sexist
Restless with them breasts, I'm wreckless
Test this, I want to impress the best bitch
Sex all my exes, come witness the wetness
I'm working my magic like a wizard
Kiss her, say:
Abracadabra, make that motherfucking bitch squirt
Straight in my face, I'm-a taste it, gracious!
I love to take a sip when I'm wasted, praise it!
All jokes aside, I'm mostly high
Don't divide, I'll have some American and Kosher Pie
I don't know why, but I want a ho in every areacode
And slide my pole inside
The coldest guy... No, I'll be a sweet dude
Candy for them sweetooth bitches
Brazilian to hebrew
I see through
Because my dick's already getting hard and
From the start, you knew I'd rip your clit apart
So pick a card, good bitches or bad bitches
Rags or riches, ask niggas want ass pictures
I get up in that ass vicious, passing the path Mrs
Butt stuff, I'm in the ass business
Christmas bitches, unwrapping the package
I fucked so savage my dick got casted
I guess I did it for the sex, I guess
Now them bitches keep me in check and that's:
The butterfly effect, we keep 'em all in check (2x)

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