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Who Scared You? - text


Who scared you? Why were you born, my babe?
In two times arms with all of your charms, my love
Why were you born just to play with me?
To freak out or to be beautiful, my dear

Load your head
Blow it up
Feeling good, baby

Load your head
Blow it up
Feeling good, baby, ah

Well, my room is so cold, you know you don't have to go, my babe
And if you warm it up right, I'm gonna love you tonight, my love

Well, I'm glad that we came, I hope you're feeling the same
Who scared you and why were you born? Please stay

I see your rider coming down the road
Got a burden, carrying a heavy load
One sack of silver and one bag of gold

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Video přidala kreten_666

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