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Yestertomorrow - text


Perhaps it´s true that
we´re on the same road
but we´re moving into different directions
i question your ethics
you don´t understand mine
in each of interests
you don´see the atraction
get out of my face,
just leave me alone
i don´t want your embrace
it´s like touching a stone
you know that i know that
we wouldn´t change for each other
there ain´t no fellow feelings,
you ain´t my brother
(ah forget it!!)
you don´t like my socks ,
i don´t like your hair
you don´t like my spaghetti,
i dont like your stare
you hate my mum,
i hate your friend
you want to use me for sex,
i´d rather use may hand (?!)
you like rick astley ,
we play ska (not??)
in ear a shirt,
you wear a wonder-bra(????!!!)
we´re too different, no doubt about that
your hairy ass is gonna drive me mad
because yestertomorrow it´s the same as today
and i´ll be the same next week,
nexth month , next life
it´s just a fact that
we won´t get alone
and our contact will cause us nothing but strife

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